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New Life Church has been under the pastoral care of Dr. Tom Atchison for the past 18 years and is a thriving force, bringing about solid change in the Tampa area. The revival happenings at New Life Church is nothing short of miraculous, ushering in the presence of God with a genuine freedom of worship, which allows you to connect with the Spirit of God in an unprecedented way, paving the way for our outreach programs to help others in recovery and difficult life moments. At New life Church, we have a life changing connection to a message that is relevant to our turbulent world.

​New Life Church supports the outreach of New Beginnings of Tampa which provides Transitional Housing for women, men, young adults and veteran’s over the age 18 with a safe place to live and an individualized, gender-responsive program of guidance and job training programs to help them stabilize their lives.

New Life Church goals are achieved by leveraging community resources through partnerships, volunteers, and donors, employing evidence based practices, and providing a strategic continuum of outreach programs designed to assist people in crisis.


Christian First, Ministry Second. Our focus is to give every man, woman and child the opportunity of understanding the gospel and to provide a church where they can

grow in their relationship with God and grow in their ministry for the Glory of God.

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