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Worldwide Recording Artist

Jessie Gonzalez

 ministered to us on Sunday August 7th at 10am

Jessie Gonzalez has been leading worship and singing the gospel message across the globe for over thirty years. His Hispanic heritage and culture have allowed him to reach a great number of people throughout his ministry.


Jessie also has a powerful testimony about the healing power of God. After being born completely blind, the miracle of sight was restored unto him, and as he would say, by the doctor from Nazareth.


Jessie is the founder of two gospel bands that are well known throughout the country and also worldwide. First, the Gonzalez Family, composed of his seven siblings who sing brother harmony, and play a unique style of blended funk, groove and jazz. The second band, El Trio de Hoy, has played the White House at the National Hispanic Day of Prayer, and countless churches and stadiums along the way.


Jessie is Pioneer in the Christian music scene but he has always pointed to Jesus and made all that he has done about the Cross and the Promise of Salvation.

  Don't miss out!  It will be an event not to be missed!


For more information give us a call at 813-971-6961

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