Emergency Shelter


New Life operates an Emergency Shelter in the heart of Tampa which serves homeless men and women.  This facility is open to the public 365 days per year and services are provided without discrimination.   


The Shelter provides a clean, safe, substance-free environment designed to assist homeless persons in taking crucial steps to stabilize their lives.  Clients are assisted with critical needs such as clothing, obtaining identification, securing employment and accessing social service resources.   


Many of our clients are Veterans, persons who have bravely served our Country, and we connect them with additional resources through a variety of collaborative partnerships.  While a structured environment must be maintained, we firmly believe that people must also be shown love and encouragement on their journey back to wholeness and self-sufficiency.  This program positively impacts over 400 individuals per year in the Tampa Bay Area and a majority of our clients obtain full-time employment and permanent housing.

Hunger Relief


New Life distributes nutritious food (perishable & nonperishable) to disadvantaged families in the Sulphur Springs Area of Tampa on a weekly basis. Sulphur Springs is federally designated as a food desert and is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Country. 


Most of the families in Sulphur Springs have young children who are living below the federal poverty line and facing hunger on a daily basis.  Each food box is created to meet the nutritional needs of the family, to be culturally appropriate and to include significant portions of fruits & vegetables which are not otherwise easily accessible in this community. We place a strong emphasis on developing healthy eating habits and connecting our clients with additional resources.  Our food box program distributes over 1.5 million pounds of food per year which constitutes 1,250,000 million meals per year positively impacting 2,000 families or 5,700 individuals.