We have had some great events and guest speakers here at New Life.  You can check out some of them below.



We had an awesome visit by Gloria Elliott, a National Television Evangelist.

She came to minister to us on Feb 7th, 2016.  We were lucky enough that she actually ministered twice at 10:00am & 6:30pm.


Click the picture of Gloria above to find out more about her visit!


Thanks Gloria, we look forward to having you with us again very soon!

Worldwide Recording Artist Jessie Gonzalez
Ministers For Us On 5-15-2016!

Wow were we lucky to have Jessie minister to us this past Sunday night May 15, 2016.


Click his picture above for more information on Jessie and his performance!


We are very greatful for everything he did for us! Lives were definently changed!  We can't wait to have him visit us again!

We all really enjoyed the movie "GOD'S NOT DEAD".  We all really got a lot out of it!

Everyone at New Life Church enjoyed this movie on Sunday night, Feb. 21, 2016.  It is Pastor Tom's favorite Christian movie.  "It doesn't matter how many times you see it", he says, "there is always something new you will learn".


Click the picture above to found out more about this movie.


We are all looking forward to "GOD'S NOT DEAD 2" coming out this April!

Our Annual 
was a big success!
Check out some pics

On April 30th we held our annual SRPING FLING BBQ!

There was so much to do and so many activities that we were really bushed by the end of the day.  


There was BBQ, great deserts, not to mention all the tastey dishes brought  by our congregation!


We also enjoyed water sports like tubing, skiing, fishing, boat rides and more.


Click on the above picture for more info and lots of pictures from this awesome event!

Blaine Bowman & The Good Time Band showed us a very good time!

Blaine Bowman and The Good Time Band performed for us on Feb. 11th, 2016.  The really gave us a good time with both their music as well as their comedy, and of course, we can't forget their moving message as well.  They performed at 6:30 pm right here at the New Life Church.


To find out more about this exciting event, simply click the above picture.


Thanks so much guys!  We really had a great time!

We finally got to see GOD'S NOT DEAD 2 We were really excited and learned a lot!

We had an awesome time screening God's Not Dead 2!

Everyone came out, had some pop corn and fellow shipped afterwards.

After seeing God's Not Dead 1, we were all counting the days down until this one became available for sale.

Pastor Tom said he liked this one as good if not better than the original. "The more times you see it, the more you will get out of it".

Our Community Outreach Annual Pool Party and BBQ September 24th
Ms. Ginny's Annual Chili Cook-Off
We had 15 Chilies And Alot Of Fun!

On September 24th we held our annual community outreach pool party and BBQ from 1-5pm!  Now, this was an exciting event...

Not only did our congregation come, but we also invited folks from the community.  We handed out flyers to houses close to our church.  We had 28 people from the community show up!  Several of those came to church the following Sunday!

Click the above "pool party" logo to find out more about this great day!

On October 30 we held Ms. Ginny's Annual Chili Cook-Off!  We had 15 different chili entries to taste!  Wow, they were all delicious!

We can't wait until next year!  Not only was it a chili cook-Off, but it was also our monthly Community Outreach.  We invited everyone from the community to join us for this great event.  We handed out and hung flyers everywhere. We were super happy with the turn out. We had around 150 join us for this great event!

Click the above chili logo for more details & Pictures!

Ms. Ginny's Annual Chili Cook-Off
We had 15 Chilies And Alot Of Fun!
"Pastor Jimmy's
May 28th    
 Water Meyhem

On May 28, 2017 we had a Wet-N-Wild day with "PASTOR JIMMY'S WATER-PALOOZA"! Following our 2nd service we will start the day with a delicious BBQ followed by water games of all kinds.


Water balloons, squirt guns, Jr. water Olympics and much more.

Click the above picture for more details!

"Pastor Jimmy's
May 28th    
 Water Meyhem

On August 2nd from 3:00-6:30pm we had a great time with our "ROLLER SKATING EXTRAVAGANZA"!  Wow, was it a lot of fun!  Please check out some the video's on the New Life Church Facebook page.

Also, we have a couple really crazy pictures showing just how much fun it actually was!

Click the above picture for more details!

Ms. Ginny's 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off! October 30th!
Who will win?
On Sunday, October 29th, get your recipes ready, because Ms. Ginny's 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off is back.
Who will take the prize this year??  The tasting will take place following the second service.   Everyone is invited!

I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N